Using AI Simulations for Personal Growth and Augmentation

Augmenting Your Reality with AI-Powered Interactions

We live in a world where communication and social interactions shape our experiences. It's often hard to know how our choices will impact those around us, or how to best navigate complex situations. Simulations offer a unique solution: AI-powered, augmented reality that allows you to interact with lifelike agents, learn from your choices, and refine your communication and interactions. Imagine stepping into an augmented reality scenario where you can:

Practice a Job Interview: Engage in a realistic interview conversation with an AI agent that provides targeted feedback and insights into your performance.

Refine Your Communication Style: Have a virtual "date" with an AI agent, learning how to build rapport, express your personality, and respond effectively to different situations.

Build Confidence in Real-World Scenarios: Practice engaging in difficult conversations and refine your communication skills to navigate complex social interactions, such as networking or moving to a new city.

My company, Innerverse, uses AI to create lifelike agents that respond realistically to users’ words and actions. Every interaction is designed to be unique and personalized, providing valuable insights into users’ communication patterns and emotional responses. We then build personalized communication profiles for users based on their interactions, highlighting strengths and areas for growth. Users' profiles evolve as they engage in various simulations and provide feedback on real-world experiences, allowing continuous refinement and improvement.

Simulations can help anyone seeking to improve their communication, navigate challenging situations with greater confidence, and build stronger relationships. Whether you're a professional looking to enhance your leadership abilities, a student preparing for an important presentation, or an individual seeking to build a more fulfilling life, simulations offer a powerful tool for personal growth and development.

Lindsay Richman

About Lindsay Richman

Lindsay Richman is the co-founder of, an augmentation-via-simulation platform, where she directs machine learning and product.

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